Audition Notice

Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors

Produced by Annex Theatre
Directed by Jaime Roberts
Written by Alexander Harris

Annex Theatre announces auditions for “Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors” to be performed in Spring 2012. “Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors” is a prequel to the story that began with “Alecto: Issue #1” at Annex Theatre in Winter 2010. Following the beloved Team of Heroes, this play explores how Madame Mayhem gains her super powers and reveals more of the deeply conflicted and mysterious beginnings of the Team of Heroes and who exactly may be running it. As the team battles their new foe Chaos Theory, we learn more about who the heroes are, where they came from and learn that the lines between good and evil are not always what they seem…

“Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors” is a new play written by Alexander Harris and directed by Jaime Roberts. It opens on April 27th and runs through May 26th, 2012 with performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with one Monday night industry performance. This show will require a slightly longer commitment to accommodate fight rehearsals and will begin in mid-January 2012. This will be a physically demanding show and requires actors to prepare for rigorous physical and fight training.

The following roles are open for casting:


  • Miss Dixie – a member of the Team of Heroes, she is equal parts charming Southern Belle and ferocious sexy bulldog. Her super power is that she is a voodoo puppet master.
  • Black Swallow – the mother of Madame Mayhem. She patrols the streets as vigilante Black Swallow. She fights crime without the aid of a super power but uses all of her feminine wiles to best her foes.
  • Melody Knox – the manager of the Team of Heroes. Melody keeps the team on task and poised for the best media exposure. Her true motivation may not be what it seems.


  • Ace Johnson – once the leader of the Team of Heroes in the 1980s. He is all strength and all man. He is the team’s predecessor of The Cap’n.
  • Mikhael/Black Russian – once a petty thief and now a marketing director for the Team of Heroes. His role in the history of the Team of Heroes may be a surprising one.
  • Vladimir/White Russian – also once a petty thief, he is partners with Mikhael/Black Russian. Both men have complicated and integral roles in the history of the Team of Heroes.

Each actor will also be cast in multiple smaller roles. Please note the roles of Madame Mayhem, Chaos Theory, The Cap’n and Shock Wave have already been cast.

  • General auditions will be held on Saturday November 5th from 1pm to 5pm at Annex Theatre.
  • Callbacks are on Sunday November 6th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm at Annex Theatre.
  • Additional callbacks may be scheduled for Wednesday November 9th from 7pm to 10pm at Annex Theatre.

For general auditions, please prepare two short contrasting monologues not to exceed 3 minutes. You may schedule an audition time by emailing the Production Manager Kristina Volkman at: kristina_volkman(at)