Annex Theatre announces auditions for “A Mouse Who Knows Me,” to be performed in Fall 2012 with a workshop in July 2012. “A Mouse Who Knows Me” is a science fiction musical, the story of a geneticist who begins to suspect that one of her lab mice has attained human sentience as a result of her experiments. As she and her mouse begin to develop a strange relationship, a conspiracy unfolds to take devious advantage of this newly intelligent strain of mice; while unbeknownst to all, the mice themselves are plotting a bloody revolution. It’s an interspecies “West Side Story.”

“A Mouse Who Knows Me” is a world premiere musical with book & lyrics written by Scotto Moore (author of “Duel of the Linguist Mages”), music composed by Robertson Witmer (of “Awesome”), and direction by Kristina Sutherland (Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Macha Monkey). The time commitment is as follows: rehearsals for a public workshop that begin July 1, with a workshop date of July 15; rehearsals for the full production which begin August 13; production opens on October 19 and runs Thu-Sat until November 17. All actors sing & dance, and mice characters are portrayed in part by actors utilizing puppets while obviously visible on stage (in the style of “Avenue Q”). We have some flexibility with vocal range given that we can tailor the music to the performers to some degree, but our preferences are stated below.

The following roles are open for casting:

  • Dr. Audrey Whitman (one weekend only) – Audrey is the lead role in the show and is already cast; however, for the October 25-27 performance dates, we are seeking an understudy to play the role. She should be late 20s / early 30s, preferably alto. For the remainder of the run, we would expect this performer to appear in the Ensemble. Audrey is a genius researcher who is on the fast track in her laboratory – until she develops a surprising empathy for one of her lab mice.
  • Dr. Robert Cramer – the show’s antagonist. He should be in his 40s or 50s and preferably sing tenor. Dr. Cramer runs the university laboratory in which the show is set – he is a charismatic hot shot with shady ties to the military, whose willingness to advance his career threatens to overtake his lab.
  • D29-1 – a young mouse with a revolutionary fervor. He can be in his 20s or 30s and must sing high rock tenor. D29-1 is a firebrand who seeks revenge on the scientists after his mother was euthanized in a gas chamber; he leads the other mice to escape their cages and is a volatile, angry figure. This performer will also appear in the Ensemble.
  • Dr. Helena Warwick – the head of the genetics department at the university where the show is set. She should be in her 40s or 50s and can sing alto or soprano. Dr. Warwick is a stern bureaucrat helped Dr. Cramer into his position and now seeks the respect she feels is lacking from him; the two have a secretive connection that slowly comes to light. This performer will also play one of the featured Mice roles, and may also appear in the Ensemble.
  • Theodore Werner – a shady military industrialist. He should be in his 40s, 50s, or 60s, and preferably sing bass or baritone. He is a powerful man who is extremely accustomed to getting his way. This performer will also play one of the featured Mice roles, and may also appear in the Ensemble.
  • Ensemble – we are seeking three performers of either gender and various ages to appear as the Ensemble, as mice and as postdocs in the lab depending on the scene. We imagine the Ensemble to occasionally take on a “Chorus” role similar to the trio of chorus singers who appear occasionally in “Little Shop of Horrors” – these performers will be singing very frequently throughout this show.

For general auditions, please prepare a one minute monologue and a one minute song; we expect to have an accompanist available, but be prepared to sing a cappella if we do not. The first round of auditions is May 19-20. Callbacks will include movement/dance and vocals in groups & solo, as well as cold readings. Callbacks are May 22-24. You may schedule an audition time by emailing the Production Manager Meaghan Darling at