Annex Theatre is seeking 7 actresses for a production of Kelleen Conway Blanchard’s new play, KITTENS IN A CAGE, to be directed by Bret Fetzer. Blanchard and Fetzer previously teamed up on SMALL TOWN (produced by Annex Theatre in 2007) and HEARTS ARE MONSTERS (produced by Macha Monkey Productions in 2010).

From the playwright: “KITTENS IN A CAGE tells Junie’s story, a good girl gone bad, sent to the pen by a buncha rats. From the knife fights in the showers to riots in the prison mess hall, Junie has to toughen up fast. Lucky for Junie, she’s got Vickie. A tough love story about bad broads that can’t get no breaks.”

KITTENS IN A CAGE opens on July 27 and runs Thurs-Sat at 8 pm through August 25. Rehearsals will begin on June 2.

The characters:
Junie—A real swell gal. She’s gonna win that Vickie’s heart, no foolin’. She plays the ukulele and sings.
Vickie—A real tough cookie. A firebug and a firecracker.
Prison Matron—An educated visionary. She enjoys experimenting on inmate’s brains and oiling her prosthetic arm.
Jeanine —She runs this henhouse. A former beauty pageant winner, she’s in the pen for chopping people up with an axe.
Barbara—Servin’ a dime for killing and eating her parole officer, also some girl scouts. She’s Jeanine’s muscle. Mute.
Nancy—The prison guard. She’s in secret love with the Prison Matron.

The following three characters are all played by the same actor:
Peggy—Knocked up thief. A good egg.
Lois—Pill popper.
Ma—Junie’s Ma. She’s a rotten tomato.

Auditions will be on Sunday, May 6, from 1-3 pm. Callbacks will be on May 12, 1-5 pm.

To schedule an audition slot, send an e-mail to Bret Fetzer at Please prepare a monologue of no more than a minute and a half; anyone interested in the role of Junie should also prepare to sing for no more than thirty seconds, unaccompanied. Questions? Contact Bret Fetzer.