Since opening its doors at its original home on 4th Avenue in 1988, Annex Theatre has produced hundreds of new plays and performances—always seeking work that explores what makes the medium of theater different from television, movies, or the internet. We consider ourselves part of the research and development wing of American theater, producing the work that has the greatest risk, giving new and emerging artists the opportunity to succeed—or fail spectacularly in the rawest yet most supportive forum we can provide.

Now at 11th & E Pike St. in Capitol Hill, Annex Theatreʼs 26th season is no different, featuring four Mainstage productions, one Late Night production, and three Off Night productions.


Mainstage (Jan 18-Feb 16th):
Written by Holly Arsenault
Directed by Erin Kraft
Rachel and Joe are getting divorced, and everyone they know is invited. Guilt, grief, desire, and booze collide in this darkly comedic new play that contemplates a world where the worst moment of your life is something that people dress up for.

Off Night (Jan 22-Feb 13):
2nd Date
What turns a spark into a flame? In theater, there’s only one answer: Creativity. Playwrights and directors have their first collaborative kiss in 2nd Date (co-produced with Rain City Projects).


Mainstage (Apr 26-May 25):
Team of Heroes: No More Heroes
Written by Alex Harris
Directed by Jaime Roberts
The final installment in this satirical trilogy exploring the dark underbelly of doing good. Come see superhero spectacle created through the leanest theatrics, operatic emotions and lurid desires, out-of-control egos and skintight spandex.

Off Night:
Star Crossed, and other tales from a devious universe
Written by Scotto Moore
Directed by Ian Johnston, Katherine Karaus, Jen Moon, Scotto Moore, and Catherine Blake Smith
An evening of tasty, bite-sized science fiction and fantasy, including four tales of an immortal astronaut crossing time and space to find the woman she loves – from the playwright of Duel of the Linguist Mages and A Mouse Who Knows Me.


Mainstage (Aug 2-31):
Precious Little
Written by Madeleine George
Directed by Katherine Karaus
When a professor of linguistics learns unsettling information about her unborn child, her only solace comes from an unlikely connection with a gorilla at the local zoo… a creature with zen-like calm who’s portrayed by a woman in a Coco Chanel suit. “An 80-minute gem that makes a big impression.” – San Franciso Chronicle

Late Night (Aug 9-30):
The Half Brothers Brand Baking Products Old-Time Variety Show
Neo-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers (John Ackermann, Rick Miller, and David Nixon) mix toe-tapping music, cooking instructions, and oddball video into an increasingly surreal old-school variety show – like Hee Haw on mushrooms.


Mainstage (Oct 18-Nov 16):
The Underneath
Written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard
Directed by Pamala Mijatov
From the playwright of Kittens in a Cage comes the terrifyingly funny tale of a foul-mouthed teen-girl inventor whose seaside town is about to launch a new water park, unleashing dolphins, sea monsters, and vengeful reanimated corpses.

Off Night:
The Luxuria Cycle
Written & directed by Jimmie Galaites
What if a dot-com corporation owned love? Three short plays explore modern language with the romance of Tweets, Facebook, and dating service profiles created through motion-capture technology. The green dots reveal all.


Spin The Bottle
First Friday of every month
There have been laughs. There have been tears. There has been nudity. Since 1997, audiences of all shapes and sizes have seen variety-show-style performances of all shapes and sizes on the first Friday of every month at 11pm.

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery
First Sunday of every month
Like Ed Sullivan presiding over the Gong Show, or Donny & Marie produced by Andy Warhol at the height of the Factory, WEIRD AND AWESOME WITH EMMETT MONTGOMERY promises entertainment at its most human and inexplicable.