SMUT the Bottle

First Friday of every month, 11pm
$10 gen / $5 stu

“Put it in here,” muttered the line cook at my favorite all-male topless vegan barbecue drive-in. I had been delivering cruelty-free mayo there for about two years, and every week, the boy with Julia Child’s face and Guy Fieri’s personality mumbled the same order on his way to the walk-in: “Put it in here.” Did he know how weak my knees went every time I spotted the word “YOLO” tattooed on his lower back? Could he guess how wet my lips were watching his white socks slide into black Crocks? You would think that after last week’s delivery – when I shattered a jar of vegenaise and shouted, “Ooops! Spilled my chunky cream!” – he would get the hint. I guess that until he lets me gently loofah his shoulder blades to the sweet sounds of Sarah McLachlan, I’ll only dream of those four prophetic letters above his perfect vegan buns.

If you’re ready to explore your own deep desires, get your beautiful butt to the second annual ALL SMUT Spin the Bottle, curated by none other than The Libertinis! Come down to Annex Theatre on Friday, October 7, at 11pm, and gird your loins with:

Sketchy hilarity with DAY JOB!
Libidinous loop singing from MICHAEL HAMM!
A dance dance revolution with TREVOR HANSEN!
A brand-new skin flick from professional trouble maker WOODY SHTICKS!
Draggety poetry with ANDY APPLES!
Food, feelings, and more from TOOTSIE SPANGLES and JACKIE MIEDEMA!
Touchie feelie art mealies from LAUREN HLUBNY!
Death-defying drag from ARSON NICKI!
Smut by Seattle’s sexiest interarts gang THE LIBERTINIS!
…and so very much more!

All driven (stick, of course) by the incomparable PILAR O’CONNELL!

With love from your favorite piddle peddlers, The Libertinis

Please to enjoy these

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