Annex Games!

Art by Amanda Yang (Insta: @ama.natto)

Stream starts at 7 pm PST on January 29 (30 Dec 0500 GMT). Click here to join us on YouTube!

What do you get when you combine a passel of roleplaying game nerds, a fringe theater known for big, cheap spectacle, a live-streaming setup, and live, audience-funded changes to the game? If you’re thinking, “Gosh, that sounds like a chaotically good time,” then you’re right!

Join us as we put some of Annex’s favorite geeks in a Zoom (sigh, covid) overflowing with dice and barely-suppressed covid-rage, and let the magic unfold.

Our second episode features Paul Gude (he/they) as the Game Master, and our roster of players in their continuing adventure:

  • Cheyenne Bilbrey (she/her)
  • Daniel Christensen (he/him)
  • Dave Clapper (he/him)
  • seranine (she/her)
  • Omar Faust (he/him)
  • Brendan Mack (they/them)
  • Aaron J. Shay (he/him)
  • Cody Smith (he/him)

In addition, we’ll have Catherine Blake Smith (she/her) as our chat moderator, and Ian Johnston (he/they) as our Rules Lawyer.

This is a fundraiser, but to make it fun, instead of just asking for money, your donation directly affects the game! Choose from a menu of donation options, ranging from granting characters health, to casting spells, to summoning that most dreaded enemy, the Health Inspector. You can even trigger a reading of good old-fashioned smut from Kelleen Conway Blanchard (she/her) or Scot Augustson (he/him). And, best of all, if someone makes a change you don’t like, you can counterspell their donation with a donation of your own!

Join us on Saturday, January 29th at 7 pm (one night only!) to participate in the continuing madness that Paul has cooked up for our hearty adventurers in this, our second episode of Annex Games!

See the 1st episode here, on YouTube.