Renting at Annex

Annex Theatre produces Mainstage, Late-Night, and Off-Night productions four times a year, roughly once per Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. In between these productions we make our theater space available for rental by other theater groups and individuals. Here is some basic information about our rental rates:

Annex Theatre seats 99; the stage is approximately 24’ by 24’. We have a powerful sound system and we make sure there is a modest but flexible light plot hung for all rentals.

Annex Theatre’s standard rental rate is $300/night. (However, if you are renting a Fri or Sat alone, which makes the rest of the weekend unrentable, the rate is $450/night.) This rate includes a tech operator, a house manager, and a box office person. In some circumstances, we are willing to negotiate a different rental rate; for example, if you are renting Fri-Sat and wish to also rent a Thursday or a Sunday, we would consider a $250 rental rate for those days.

Annex Theatre reserves the right to also rent out or produce our own Late Night production on Fri-Sat nights during the run of a 7:30 or 8 pm rental. Late Night shows start at 11 pm, and we will work with them and you to make this as smooth as possible. The Late Night show would not open on the same night as your show.

Annex Theatre operates its own bar at your show. If you do not have an intermission, or do not wish the bar to be open, there is an additional $150 fee per weekend. (To explain this: Annex’s rental rates are not high enough to cover our rent, even if a full month were rented out; in order to keep the rental rates at an affordable level, we depend on our bar sales to supplement rental income.)

Rehearsal time is $20/hr (our tech operator will be present at no extra cost). Annex provides a modest but viable lighting plot for rentals. Any additional instruments are an additional $20/instrument.

If you are interested in discussing a rental with Annex Theatre, or if you are a company member who would like to reserve space, contact

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