Request For Proposals for 2016 Season!

Annex Theatre is now accepting proposals for its 2016 season, and you can now access the official RFP right here. We’re looking for four mainstage projects and up to four late night or off night projects – deadline for proposing is Friday, May 8 at 5pm!

Annex Theatre Announces its 28th Season in 2015

Annex Theatre, the longest-running fringe theatre on Capitol Hill, announces its 28th SEASON IN 2015. As a democratic collective of theatre artists dedicated to producing bold new work, we are proud to bring you new and familiar Seattle artists in eight exciting new projects!

We begin our season with two Seattle playwriting debuts: ZAPOI! By Quinn Armstrong and NATURAL by Marcus Gorman. ZAPOI! – directed by Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Casting & Literary Associate Kaytlin McIntyre – follows Kiril, a brilliant composer fleeing the censorship of Soviet Russia in a strange town where all of Russian history is happening at once. Paired with this dark phantasmagoria is NATURAL, directed by Annex staff member Jen Moon (director, The Luxuria Cycle), in which six Seattleites struggle to unravel messy, urban lives mired in online erotica and crises of sexual identity, in a black comedy set in a world of grays.

In the Spring, writers Keiko Green (actor, Chaos Theory) and Scotto Moore (playwright, Balconies, A Mouse Who Knows Me, Duel of the Linguist Mages) mash up unlikely elements into bizarrely visceral pairings. Green’s BUNNIES is an unsettling tale of revenge, sacrifice, and cannibalism inspired by the true story of the Woodland Park bunny infestation and the Greek tragedy The Bacchae. It features music by Jesse Smith and will be directed by Pamala Mijatov (director, Chaos Theory, The Underneath). Scotto Moore will write and star in H.P. LOVECRAFT: STAND-UP COMEDIAN! directed by K. Brian Neel (actor, A Mouse Who Knows Me), which puts a comedy-club spin on the cult following of the horror author.

August brings the manifestation of longer experiments. IS SHE DEAD YET? A WHITE COMEDY, written and directed by Brandon J. Simmons (writer, The Tale of Jemima Canard, producer & performer, The Seagull Project), is a gleefully savage reinterpretation of Eurpides’ Greek tragedy Alcestis. In Simmons’ hilarious adaptation, a young wife turns out to be the last black person on earth, and her sacrifice for her husband will render the planet entirely white. Alongside IS SHE DEAD YET? Catherine Blake Smith (curator, Spin the Bottle) will invite nine female theatre artists to write, direct, and dramaturg short plays in the THE ZIG ZAG FESTIVAL, which will feature an ensemble cast, specific challenges, and surprises for participants and audiences alike.

We close the season with a new play by Annex staff member Caitlin Gilman‘s (actor, Second Date) MY DEAR MISS CHANCELLOR, directed by Elizabeth Hershly. Janet Chancellor’s debut into London society initiates her into a world where women who drink, duel, and call each other sweetheart. Following CHANCELLOR, Annex staff member Evelyn DeHais (actor, Chaos Theory, Balconies) wrangles clowns, burlesque performers, actors, musicians and more in MAD SCIENTIST CABARET, a variety-show homage to Dr. Strangelove and Young Frankenstein.

Our monthly shows continue to delight and amuse and inspire! SPIN THE BOTTLE, now under the direction of Catherine Blake Smith, celebrates 18 years of presenting new and familiar performers in a late-night cabaret setting every first Friday at 11 pm. WEIRD & AWESOME WITH EMMETT MONTGOMERY continues to cultivate and sustain a lovely community every first Sunday at 7 pm, opening a cabinet of curiosities to the bizarre and beautiful in a way that tickles and frightens and cheers.

Zapoi! written by Quinn Armstrong, directed by Kaytlin McIntyre
January 30 – February 21, Thurs-Sat at 8 pm
PWYC Preview: January 29
PWYC Industry Night: February 9
Opening Night: January 30

Natural written by Marcus Gorman, directed by Jen Moon
February 3 – February 18, Tues-Wed at 8 pm
Opening Night: February 3

Bunnies written by Keiko Green, directed by Pamala Mijatov
April 24 – May 16, Thurs-Sat at 8 pm
PWYC Preview: April 23
PWYC Industry Night: May 4
Opening Night: April 24

HP Lovecraft: Stand-up Comedian! written by Scotto Moore, directed by K. Brian Neel
April 28 – May 13, Tues-Wed at 8 pm
Opening Night: April 28

Is She Dead Yet? written and directed by Brandon J. Simmons
July 31 – August 22, Thurs-Sat at 8 pm
PWYC Preview: July 30
PWYC Industry Night: August 10
Opening Night: July 31

The Zig Zag Festival curated by Catherine Blake Smith
August 4 – August 19, Tues-Wed at 8 pm
Opening Night: August 4

My Dear Miss Chancellor written by Caitlin Gilman, directed by Elizabeth Tanner
October 23 – November 14, Thurs – Sat at 8 pm
PWYC Preview: October 22
PWYC Industry Night: November 2
Opening Night: October 23

Mad Scientist Cabaret curated by Evelyn DeHais
October 30 – November 13, Fri-Sat at 11 pm
PWYC Industry Night: November 9 at 8 pm
Opening Night: October 30

Spin the Bottle
curated by Catherine Blake Smith
every first Friday at 11 pm
January 2, February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4

Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montomery
every first Sunday at 7 pm
January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6

American Theatre features Annex in geek theatre article

Annex is featured heavily in a recent article about “geek theatre” in American Theatre:

In 2010, Annex Theatre found itself with a surprise hit on its hands when it produced Alexander Harris’s Alecto: Issue #1, a satirical, Spandex-clad comedy about the hidden, questionable motives of a group of superheroes. In 2012, it revived these characters with Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors, the second installment of what would ultimately become known as the “Team of Heroes Trilogy” when it reached its final chapter in 2013’s Team of Heroes: No More Heroes. Annex artistic director Pamala Mijatov describes the central characters of the trilogy as “a corporate-owned conglomeration of genetically enhanced reality stars,” claiming that the ultimate audience appeal lay in the shows’ “larger-than-life but recognizably human power struggles, love affairs, aspirations and betrayals.”

Rachel Jackson, who portrayed the villain Chaos Theory in the last two “Team of Heroes” productions, acknowledges that the superhero narrative appeals to a sense of wish fulfillment. “It’s about being more than you seem to be, which is appealing when you’re feeling undervalued.” She also adds, slyly, “Your comfort thought if you were super-villain-inclined would be, ‘Just you wait!’”

American Theatre chats with Annex

American Theatre recently interviewed Annex communications director Jake Ynzunza about how we survive on the fringe:

Annex Theatre of Seattle is another example of an organization that believes in across-the-board financial equality. The 25-year-old company operates as a democratic collective of theatre artists, and everyone on staff, from the marketing director, to the bar manager, to the artistic director, get equal pay. In the case of Annex, though, that’s $15 a month—hardly enough for a meal, much less to live on. “We all have regular day jobs,” Annex communications director Jake Ynzunza explains, admitting he typically works 45 hours a week for “All the actors and designers get paid $50 for the production of a show.”

How is this different from community theatre, given that the fees are so…paltry? “For one thing, community theatre is often better funded,” says Ynzunza with a chuckle. “But we’re a professional theatre, and our work gets recognized.” (Seattle’s Gregory Awards recently nominated three Annex productions for “Best New Play.”) Ynzunza continues, “People keep working with us because of the quality of our work and the way we treat our artists. We make theatre that is exciting and pushes boundaries—I think that’s why talent and audience keep coming back.”

Annex announces 2013 season!

Since opening its doors at its original home on 4th Avenue in 1988, Annex Theatre has produced hundreds of new plays and performances—always seeking work that explores what makes the medium of theater different from television, movies, or the internet. We consider ourselves part of the research and development wing of American theater, producing the work that has the greatest risk, giving new and emerging artists the opportunity to succeed—or fail spectacularly in the rawest yet most supportive forum we can provide.

Now at 11th & E Pike St. in Capitol Hill, Annex Theatreʼs 26th season is no different, featuring four Mainstage productions, one Late Night production, and three Off Night productions.


Mainstage (Jan 18-Feb 16th):
Written by Holly Arsenault
Directed by Erin Kraft
Rachel and Joe are getting divorced, and everyone they know is invited. Guilt, grief, desire, and booze collide in this darkly comedic new play that contemplates a world where the worst moment of your life is something that people dress up for.

Off Night (Jan 22-Feb 13):
2nd Date
What turns a spark into a flame? In theater, there’s only one answer: Creativity. Playwrights and directors have their first collaborative kiss in 2nd Date (co-produced with Rain City Projects).


Mainstage (Apr 26-May 25):
Team of Heroes: No More Heroes
Written by Alex Harris
Directed by Jaime Roberts
The final installment in this satirical trilogy exploring the dark underbelly of doing good. Come see superhero spectacle created through the leanest theatrics, operatic emotions and lurid desires, out-of-control egos and skintight spandex.

Off Night:
Star Crossed, and other tales from a devious universe
Written by Scotto Moore
Directed by Ian Johnston, Katherine Karaus, Jen Moon, Scotto Moore, and Catherine Blake Smith
An evening of tasty, bite-sized science fiction and fantasy, including four tales of an immortal astronaut crossing time and space to find the woman she loves – from the playwright of Duel of the Linguist Mages and A Mouse Who Knows Me.


Mainstage (Aug 2-31):
Precious Little
Written by Madeleine George
Directed by Katherine Karaus
When a professor of linguistics learns unsettling information about her unborn child, her only solace comes from an unlikely connection with a gorilla at the local zoo… a creature with zen-like calm who’s portrayed by a woman in a Coco Chanel suit. “An 80-minute gem that makes a big impression.” – San Franciso Chronicle

Late Night (Aug 9-30):
The Half Brothers Brand Baking Products Old-Time Variety Show
Neo-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers (John Ackermann, Rick Miller, and David Nixon) mix toe-tapping music, cooking instructions, and oddball video into an increasingly surreal old-school variety show – like Hee Haw on mushrooms.


Mainstage (Oct 18-Nov 16):
The Underneath
Written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard
Directed by Pamala Mijatov
From the playwright of Kittens in a Cage comes the terrifyingly funny tale of a foul-mouthed teen-girl inventor whose seaside town is about to launch a new water park, unleashing dolphins, sea monsters, and vengeful reanimated corpses.

Off Night:
The Luxuria Cycle
Written & directed by Jimmie Galaites
What if a dot-com corporation owned love? Three short plays explore modern language with the romance of Tweets, Facebook, and dating service profiles created through motion-capture technology. The green dots reveal all.


Spin The Bottle
First Friday of every month
There have been laughs. There have been tears. There has been nudity. Since 1997, audiences of all shapes and sizes have seen variety-show-style performances of all shapes and sizes on the first Friday of every month at 11pm.

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery
First Sunday of every month
Like Ed Sullivan presiding over the Gong Show, or Donny & Marie produced by Andy Warhol at the height of the Factory, WEIRD AND AWESOME WITH EMMETT MONTGOMERY promises entertainment at its most human and inexplicable.

Request For Proposals 2013!

Annex Theatre is now accepting proposals for its 2013 season, and you can now access the official RFP right here. We’re looking for three mainstage projects and up to four late night or off night projects – deadline for proposing is May 30 at noon!

Auditions for “A Mouse Who Knows Me”

Annex Theatre announces auditions for “A Mouse Who Knows Me,” to be performed in Fall 2012 with a workshop in July 2012. “A Mouse Who Knows Me” is a science fiction musical, the story of a geneticist who begins to suspect that one of her lab mice has attained human sentience as a result of her experiments. As she and her mouse begin to develop a strange relationship, a conspiracy unfolds to take devious advantage of this newly intelligent strain of mice; while unbeknownst to all, the mice themselves are plotting a bloody revolution. It’s an interspecies “West Side Story.”

“A Mouse Who Knows Me” is a world premiere musical with book & lyrics written by Scotto Moore (author of “Duel of the Linguist Mages”), music composed by Robertson Witmer (of “Awesome”), and direction by Kristina Sutherland (Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Macha Monkey). The time commitment is as follows: rehearsals for a public workshop that begin July 1, with a workshop date of July 15; rehearsals for the full production which begin August 13; production opens on October 19 and runs Thu-Sat until November 17. All actors sing & dance, and mice characters are portrayed in part by actors utilizing puppets while obviously visible on stage (in the style of “Avenue Q”). We have some flexibility with vocal range given that we can tailor the music to the performers to some degree, but our preferences are stated below.

The following roles are open for casting:

  • Dr. Audrey Whitman (one weekend only) – Audrey is the lead role in the show and is already cast; however, for the October 25-27 performance dates, we are seeking an understudy to play the role. She should be late 20s / early 30s, preferably alto. For the remainder of the run, we would expect this performer to appear in the Ensemble. Audrey is a genius researcher who is on the fast track in her laboratory – until she develops a surprising empathy for one of her lab mice.
  • Dr. Robert Cramer – the show’s antagonist. He should be in his 40s or 50s and preferably sing tenor. Dr. Cramer runs the university laboratory in which the show is set – he is a charismatic hot shot with shady ties to the military, whose willingness to advance his career threatens to overtake his lab.
  • D29-1 – a young mouse with a revolutionary fervor. He can be in his 20s or 30s and must sing high rock tenor. D29-1 is a firebrand who seeks revenge on the scientists after his mother was euthanized in a gas chamber; he leads the other mice to escape their cages and is a volatile, angry figure. This performer will also appear in the Ensemble.
  • Dr. Helena Warwick – the head of the genetics department at the university where the show is set. She should be in her 40s or 50s and can sing alto or soprano. Dr. Warwick is a stern bureaucrat helped Dr. Cramer into his position and now seeks the respect she feels is lacking from him; the two have a secretive connection that slowly comes to light. This performer will also play one of the featured Mice roles, and may also appear in the Ensemble.
  • Theodore Werner – a shady military industrialist. He should be in his 40s, 50s, or 60s, and preferably sing bass or baritone. He is a powerful man who is extremely accustomed to getting his way. This performer will also play one of the featured Mice roles, and may also appear in the Ensemble.
  • Ensemble – we are seeking three performers of either gender and various ages to appear as the Ensemble, as mice and as postdocs in the lab depending on the scene. We imagine the Ensemble to occasionally take on a “Chorus” role similar to the trio of chorus singers who appear occasionally in “Little Shop of Horrors” – these performers will be singing very frequently throughout this show.

For general auditions, please prepare a one minute monologue and a one minute song; we expect to have an accompanist available, but be prepared to sing a cappella if we do not. The first round of auditions is May 19-20. Callbacks will include movement/dance and vocals in groups & solo, as well as cold readings. Callbacks are May 22-24. You may schedule an audition time by emailing the Production Manager Meaghan Darling at

Auditions for “Kittens In A Cage”

Annex Theatre is seeking 7 actresses for a production of Kelleen Conway Blanchard’s new play, KITTENS IN A CAGE, to be directed by Bret Fetzer. Blanchard and Fetzer previously teamed up on SMALL TOWN (produced by Annex Theatre in 2007) and HEARTS ARE MONSTERS (produced by Macha Monkey Productions in 2010).

From the playwright: “KITTENS IN A CAGE tells Junie’s story, a good girl gone bad, sent to the pen by a buncha rats. From the knife fights in the showers to riots in the prison mess hall, Junie has to toughen up fast. Lucky for Junie, she’s got Vickie. A tough love story about bad broads that can’t get no breaks.”

KITTENS IN A CAGE opens on July 27 and runs Thurs-Sat at 8 pm through August 25. Rehearsals will begin on June 2.

The characters:
Junie—A real swell gal. She’s gonna win that Vickie’s heart, no foolin’. She plays the ukulele and sings.
Vickie—A real tough cookie. A firebug and a firecracker.
Prison Matron—An educated visionary. She enjoys experimenting on inmate’s brains and oiling her prosthetic arm.
Jeanine —She runs this henhouse. A former beauty pageant winner, she’s in the pen for chopping people up with an axe.
Barbara—Servin’ a dime for killing and eating her parole officer, also some girl scouts. She’s Jeanine’s muscle. Mute.
Nancy—The prison guard. She’s in secret love with the Prison Matron.

The following three characters are all played by the same actor:
Peggy—Knocked up thief. A good egg.
Lois—Pill popper.
Ma—Junie’s Ma. She’s a rotten tomato.

Auditions will be on Sunday, May 6, from 1-3 pm. Callbacks will be on May 12, 1-5 pm.

To schedule an audition slot, send an e-mail to Bret Fetzer at Please prepare a monologue of no more than a minute and a half; anyone interested in the role of Junie should also prepare to sing for no more than thirty seconds, unaccompanied. Questions? Contact Bret Fetzer.

Auditions for “Sideshow”

Produced by Annex Theatre
Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Jenna Bean Veatch

Annex Theatre announces auditions for their Spring off-night show, Sideshow! We are still in the process of creating and developing this show. All performers involved should be comfortable with movement, improvisation, and ensemble generation.

About the show:
Inspired by the tradition of the old-fashioned circus sideshow, this original dance-theater work features characters whose physical abnormalities bestow them with special powers. Rather than disabilities, they have super-abilities. The Bearded Lady is a contortionist who displays the remarkable magnetic powers of her mysterious beard. The Hunchback has super-human strength but dreams of being a beautiful tightrope walker. A girl with jaundice has the ability to imagine things that then come true. (Craggy trees grow love notes. Swimming pools become giant bowls of green Jello. Fish can fly. Sea sirens are real. . .) Supported by a chorus of sideshow performers singing haunting Appalachian ballads, “Sideshow” is whimsical with somber undertones and a tingling strangeness. Blending dance, theater, and elements of puppetry, it toes the line between being magical and haunting, simple and fantastical.

Casting Needs
Chorus (3 chorus members) – These performers will be singing unaccompanied Appalachian ballads and will be used in a variety of small roles throughout the show. We’ll be looking for people who can sing in this style and ideally also have circus-related skills (juggling! hula hooping!) or play a musical instrument. For the audition, please sing us a song and show us your special talent. Don’t know any unaccompanied Appalachian ballads? Sing “Amazing Grace.” Or even something from “O Brother Where Art Thou?”
Not familiar with this style of singing? Here are some examples:
-Hazel Dickens —
-Roscoe Holcomb —
-Ginny Hawker —
-Ralph Stanley —
-Alice Gerrard —

Ringmaster – This is someone whose commanding voice does not match their physical appearance. (For example, a very small person with a very large voice, or a woman with a very deep voice.) For the audition, you will be asked to read from the script, improvise, and show a special skill (circus-related, if ya got one).

Tree Person – We are looking for one more core cast member, to play The Tree Person — a person who has trees growing out of his or her hands, and who will fall in love with The Hunchback. This is a physical role and not a speaking part. If you are auditioning for this part, you will be asked to do some directed improvising at the audition. The other three core members (The Hunchback, who the story centers around, The Bearded Lady, and Daffodil, the jaundiced girl) have already been cast and have been working together on this project for more than a year.

Auditions – will be held Thursday February 23rd, from 6:30-10pm at Seattle Children’s Theatre’s West Rehearsal Hall. Please enter through the administrative office doors.
Chorus auditions – 6:30 – 7:45
Tree Person auditions – 7:45 – 9
Ringmaster auditions – 9-10
Callbacks will be held on Sunday February 26th at 10:30 am at Annex Theatre. Those who are cast will be asked to stay for the rehearsal from 12:30 to 3:00.

Chorus – 1-2 rehearsals per week, scheduled TBD based on performers’ availability.
Ringmaster – EITHER Tuesday daytimes OR one weekend day per week.
Tree Person – Tuesday daytimes and one weekend day per week.
Because the show is being developed through the rehearsal process, rehearsals will begin immediately. Show dates are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, May 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, and 16, with a preview on April 31.

To set up an audition time, please contact the production manager at and indicate which part(s) you would like to audition for.

Auditions for “Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors”

Audition Notice

Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors

Produced by Annex Theatre
Directed by Jaime Roberts
Written by Alexander Harris

Annex Theatre announces auditions for “Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors” to be performed in Spring 2012. “Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors” is a prequel to the story that began with “Alecto: Issue #1” at Annex Theatre in Winter 2010. Following the beloved Team of Heroes, this play explores how Madame Mayhem gains her super powers and reveals more of the deeply conflicted and mysterious beginnings of the Team of Heroes and who exactly may be running it. As the team battles their new foe Chaos Theory, we learn more about who the heroes are, where they came from and learn that the lines between good and evil are not always what they seem…

“Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors” is a new play written by Alexander Harris and directed by Jaime Roberts. It opens on April 27th and runs through May 26th, 2012 with performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with one Monday night industry performance. This show will require a slightly longer commitment to accommodate fight rehearsals and will begin in mid-January 2012. This will be a physically demanding show and requires actors to prepare for rigorous physical and fight training.

The following roles are open for casting:


  • Miss Dixie – a member of the Team of Heroes, she is equal parts charming Southern Belle and ferocious sexy bulldog. Her super power is that she is a voodoo puppet master.
  • Black Swallow – the mother of Madame Mayhem. She patrols the streets as vigilante Black Swallow. She fights crime without the aid of a super power but uses all of her feminine wiles to best her foes.
  • Melody Knox – the manager of the Team of Heroes. Melody keeps the team on task and poised for the best media exposure. Her true motivation may not be what it seems.


  • Ace Johnson – once the leader of the Team of Heroes in the 1980s. He is all strength and all man. He is the team’s predecessor of The Cap’n.
  • Mikhael/Black Russian – once a petty thief and now a marketing director for the Team of Heroes. His role in the history of the Team of Heroes may be a surprising one.
  • Vladimir/White Russian – also once a petty thief, he is partners with Mikhael/Black Russian. Both men have complicated and integral roles in the history of the Team of Heroes.

Each actor will also be cast in multiple smaller roles. Please note the roles of Madame Mayhem, Chaos Theory, The Cap’n and Shock Wave have already been cast.

  • General auditions will be held on Saturday November 5th from 1pm to 5pm at Annex Theatre.
  • Callbacks are on Sunday November 6th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm at Annex Theatre.
  • Additional callbacks may be scheduled for Wednesday November 9th from 7pm to 10pm at Annex Theatre.

For general auditions, please prepare two short contrasting monologues not to exceed 3 minutes. You may schedule an audition time by emailing the Production Manager Kristina Volkman at: kristina_volkman(at)