Her Mother Was Imagination

July 30-August 28, 2010 | Fri-Sat at 8 pm
$15 gen

Her Mother Was Imagination is a bold new culture-bending play about a future ‘right-thinking’ America written by local playwright Elizabeth Heffron, directed by Ellie McKay. This edgy satire dares to envision a post-constitutional society who have embraced Glenn Beck as their leader and submit their lives to the will of the Elders yet find themselves confined to a massive sky-scraping tower, stratified by floor levels, living safely above a treacherous earth terrain below, where only the basest of creatures survive. This almost Orwellian life in the tower is both savage and decadent and at times an opulent spectacle in this fantastical new world order.

Featuring David Gassner, Sann Hall, Jesse Keeter, Conner Marx, Carrie McIntyre, Beth Peterson, Erin Pike, Peter Richards, Michael Stock and Sarah Warren.

Her Mother Was Imagination is the culmination of a generative multi-disciplinary arts project exploring our future as individuals and as a culture, created by Elizabeth Heffron, Ellie McKay, Max Reichlin and Daniel Worthington. This new play is entirely lit by human-charged batteries in effort to minimize its own environmental footprint as well as champion the practical applications of alternative renewable energy.

For more information and links to related galleries please visit www.hermotherwasimagination.com

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  4. Brilliant that thie show’s final performance is on the same day as Glenn Beck’s Retoring Honor Rally at the site of the MLK speech.

    And he has actually said he has no prepared speech, only bullet points, because he doesn’t want to get between his audience and the Holy Spirit who will talk through him. Just in case anyone was still doubting Beck’s Messianic complex. To me it seems the play is more prescient than satirical.

    Congratulations to all, and kudos to Elizabeth in particular!

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