Written and Performed by Mark Cherniack
Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 2:30 pm
Nov 25-Dec 10 | $10

Jalopies is a one person show that tells the story of nine retirement home residents and their attempts to hold on to their way of life. It is a story not only about lasting love but also friendship – the search to find someone who walks (or in this case pushes a walker) through life at one’s own particular speed.



  1. Saw this play last weekend in Port Townsend. Mark Cherniack is amazing. The play will leave you with much to think about. It is a must see.

  2. I saw Jalopies at the 2:30 preformance today. I give it 5 stars. Mark Cherniak is a professional, very talented, and a verbal genius. Well worth the drive from Shoreline in the cold and rain. Too bad more people didn’t see this wonderful play

  3. A tribute to an actors ability to transform a bare stage into life with his pure energy combined with exceptional multiple character portrayals. Mark Cherniack pulls you into each characters with a fine balance of humor and pathos. His characters kindled a little fire in me, a fire that both feeds an anger and also warms my heart. This is a valuable play with depth and meaning. Don’t miss this up close and personal theater experience.

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