La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret

Saturday, June 1st | 8pm
$25 general | $30 VIP Splatter Zone

Please join us for a decadent evening of reverie in various libidinous forms. Diva le Déviant will guide you through tempestuous tales from the darkest trenches of the human soul. Featuring: L’Ochestre d’Incroyable, Nickolai Pirak, Jesse Belle Jones, Vox Fabuli Puppets, Shannon Amoureux, Izzy Insidious and La Petite Mort.

Confections will be served to make sure all senses have been amply appealed to. Feel free to dress for the occasion, but be wary of the splatter zone. There will be blood.


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  3. This was an extremely uneven show and felt like it needed a lot more rehearsal. Skits that made no sense (snakes?), wrong music or no music keyed up. A couple of strong acts like Triston sword swallower, the comic drag queen, and Diva le Deviant was amusing. The dancers were ok, and the music in the first half was strong. Maybe you lost some acts and had to fill space?

    What the hell was the 2nd half about? If I wanted to hear a punk band, I would go to a club that specialized in that. You literally chased away over half the audience because the Producers wife let her husband come out and scream and blast feedback at the audience. That my dears is not Cabaret, it was just a serious mistake. It’s been a long time since I walked out of a show. Certainly won’t come to this “Cabaret” again.

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