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As a Beaver and an Artist

November 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th
Doors at 7:00pm, Show at 8:00pm

From the powerhouses that brought you That’s Fucked Up!, The Naked Show, and Quick Change! comes As a Beaver and an Artist, a bizarre performance art play exploring the absurd nature of human suffering. Co-created with Randi Rascal and starring Bella Bijoux, Lauren Skelton, and Heidi Von Haught. [MORE INFO]


Spin the Bottle

1st Friday of the Month at 11pm
Next one: Friday, December 4

There have been laughs. There have been tears. There has been nudity. Since 1997, audiences of all shapes and sizes have seen variety-show-style performances of all shapes and sizes on the first Friday of every month at 11pm. Don’t miss the next one! [MORE INFO]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery

1st Sunday of the Month, 7:30 pm
Next one: Sunday, December 6

Weird and Awesome w/ Emmett Montgomery is a monthly parade of wonder and awkward sharing hosted and curated by mustache wizard Emmett Montgomery. Each show is a love letter to the strangeness and talent that walks among us featuring brilliant people doing the things they are really good at doing or something they have never done on stage before. Prizes are won! Friends are made! Nightmares are shared and Joy is experienced! [MORE INFO]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Ruth and the Sea / Tall Tales of the Unnatural Frontier

Dec 3-19

Pacific Play Company presents two shows in rep: Ruth and the Sea by Morgan Ludlow; and Tall Tales of the Unnatural Frontier, featuring short plays by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Morgan Ludlow, Scotto Moore, Juliet Waller Pruzan and Jennifer Lynne Roberts. [MORE INFO]


That’swhatshesaid KICKOFF PARTY

Mon, Dec 14, 8pm

What character have you always wanted to perform but would never typically be cast as? Erin Pike, Courtney Meaker, and HATLO invite you to join a movement of female irreverence in this showcase of Seattle’s most talented female actors presenting monologues, scenes, and songs they’ve always wanted to perform. [MORE INFO]


You Get A Spoon!

Wed, Dec 30, 8pm

This is a special ONE NIGHT ONLY Seattle edition of Chris Duffy’s You Get A Spoon!, everybody’s favorite variety show and audience prize giveaway. Three talented guests each perform a set and then enthusiastically endorse things they love, which we give to the audience Oprah-style. [MORE INFO]