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April 24 – May 16
Thurs-Sat at 8 pm

Written by Keiko Green, directed by Pamala Mijatov. A warren of abandoned bunnies in Woodland Park evolves into a dark religious cult in this gleefully unsettling tale of revenge, sacrifice, and the most transgressive love of all. A world premiere with original music, inspired by the classic Greek tragedy The Bacchae. [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]

$20 gen | $18 adv

H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian!

April 28 – May 13
Tues-Wed at 8 pm

Written by Scotto Moore, directed by K. Brian Neel. Instead of expressing his terrifying vision of malevolent, eldritch gods via horror stories in the early twentieth century, H.P. (“Howie” to his friends) Lovecraft expresses his terrifying vision in the present day via stand-up comedy. But an ancient evil stirs beneath the sea— can Howie pull off one last sold-out gig before the human race is destroyed? [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Spin the Bottle

1st Friday of the Month at 11pm
Next one: Friday, May 1

There have been laughs. There have been tears. There has been nudity. Since 1997, audiences of all shapes and sizes have seen variety-show-style performances of all shapes and sizes on the first Friday of every month at 11pm. Don’t miss the next one! [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery

1st Sunday of the Month, 7:30 pm
Next one: Sunday, May 3

Weird and Awesome w/ Emmett Montgomery is a monthly parade of wonder and awkward sharing hosted and curated by mustache wizard Emmett Montgomery. Each show is a love letter to the strangeness and talent that walks among us featuring brilliant people doing the things they are really good at doing or something they have never done on stage before. Prizes are won! Friends are made! Nightmares are shared and Joy is experienced! [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Live Girls! Ladies Night

Sundays 7:30pm
May 17, June 28

Live Girls! Theater presents Ladies Night, a performance series that showcases kick-ass female artists in multiple disciplines. Back at Annex for 2015 the LG!’s take over the stage on three Sunday nights to highlight a different genre of work that we love: comedy, music and burlesque. With a special bonus evening of the LG! Cabaret variety show in June. [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]


SketchFest Fund Fight

Fri May 22, 8pm

EIGHT groups enter! ONE group leaves! Head to head Sketch Comedy. YOU DECIDE THE WINNER! A Single elimination bracket where, groups go sketch to sketch to vie for your delight, mirth, and general enjoyment. You vote by using your tickets… or if you’re really invested you can INVEST in a group with your own money! [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]


Traveling With Angels

Thu-Fri, July 9-10, 8pm

One woman’s personal story of adventure, adversity & Divine guidance. One moment you’re experiencing a New Mexico Indian Ceremonial Parade and the next you’re standing on a small town street in Germany listening to an oompah band. By the end, there a is suitcase full of memories, laughter, and love. [MORE INFO] [TALK ABOUT IT]


Annex Theatre Announces its 28th Season in 2015

A quick look at all our 2015 main stage, late night, and off night productions!