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My Dear Miss Chancellor

October 23–November 14
Thurs–Sat at 7:30 pm

Written by Caitlin Gilman, directed by Elizabeth Hershly. First loves, vindictive exes, lavish balls, all the latest fashions-and secret fencing clubs! Janet Chancellor comes to London, giddily anticipating a season of dancing and parlor visits. But once she meets Hazel McGovern, she discovers a world of women living just under the covers of polite society…women who drink, duel, and call each other sweetheart. [MORE INFO]

$18 gen | $5 stu

Mad Scientist Cabaret

October 30–November 13
Fri–Sat at 11pm
Industry nights 11/9 & 11/10

Created & directed by Evelyn DeHais. An original devised work that fuses the provocative and risqué ambience of a cabaret with the macabre and fantastic world of Mad Science. Clowns, puppets, burlesque, and more come together in this tightly-packed journey into insanity. Laugh, cry, and be amazed as Science goes off the rails. [MORE INFO]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery

1st Sunday of the Month, 7:30 pm
Next one: Sunday, November 1

Weird and Awesome w/ Emmett Montgomery is a monthly parade of wonder and awkward sharing hosted and curated by mustache wizard Emmett Montgomery. Each show is a love letter to the strangeness and talent that walks among us featuring brilliant people doing the things they are really good at doing or something they have never done on stage before. Prizes are won! Friends are made! Nightmares are shared and Joy is experienced! [MORE INFO]

$10 gen | $5 stu

Spin the Bottle

1st Friday of the Month at 11pm
Next one: Friday, November 6

There have been laughs. There have been tears. There has been nudity. Since 1997, audiences of all shapes and sizes have seen variety-show-style performances of all shapes and sizes on the first Friday of every month at 11pm. Don’t miss the next one! THIS MONTH: OUR ANNUAL SIXTY SECONDS MAX EDITION! [MORE INFO]

$10 gen | $5 stu