First Friday of every month, 11pm
$10 gen / $5 stu

Spin the Bottle

Audiences of all shapes and sizes are entertained monthly by Annex Theatre’s late-night variety show, Spin the Bottle! The next chance to see it is December 5!

This month features (in no particular order):
* The hearty howl of LESLI WOOD!
* The youthful bounce and blare of BRASS IN BLACK!
* The deadpan earnestness of ILVS STRAUSS!
* CATHERINE BLAKE SMITH promises something!
* A mad collision of idioms from LAUREN HLUBNY!
* A whole lot of things from EVELYN DEHAIS & CO!
* The inexplicable reunion of GUDE/LAURANCE!
* Lurid, trashy smut from BRET FETZER!

Featuring that master of sang-froid, the imperturbable, the unflappable BRUCE HALL!

Spin the Bottle – featuring theater, music, dance, spoken word, film, and whatever else we can find – has appeared on the first Friday of every month since Sept 12, 1997. After 17 years, this will be the last edition of Spin the Bottle curated by Bret Fetzer. Starting January, 2015, Catherine Blake Smith takes over as curator, in what promises to be a glorious new age of Spin the Bottle!

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