First Friday of every month, 11pm
$10 gen / $5 stu

Audiences of all shapes and sizes are entertained monthly by Annex Theatre’s late-night variety show, Spin the Bottle!

If you’re looking for moisture of a different kind, get your beautiful butt to a special ALL SMUT Spin the Bottle, curated by none other than The Libertinis! Come down to Annex Theatre on Friday, September 4, at 11pm, and pitch a pants tent with:

>> The menthol-cool musical stylings of THE FOG PEOPLE!
>> A skin flick so sexy it’s stupid by WOODY SHTICKS!
>> The ones, the onlies, JACKIE MIEDEMA and LAUREN NICOLE!
>> A good ol’ fashioned good time with MAGGIE McMUFFIN!
>> Devastating dance moves by TREVOR HANSEN!
>> Groin-groovin’ muzak by LESLI WOOD!
>> Smut by the world’s sexiest inter*arts gang THE LIBERTINIS!

…and so very much more!

All maneuvered expertly (with one hand, no less) by the magnificent BRUCE HALL!

Spin the Bottle – featuring theater, music, dance, spoken word, film, and whatever else we can find – has appeared on the first Friday of every month since Sept 12, 1997.

Please to enjoy these