Annex company, staff & board members at our 2015 retreat

The Annex Staff is a group of artists and technicians who are dedicated to the day-to-day administration of the theatre. All hours worked by Annex staff members are on a volunteer basis. In fact, each staff member (from Artistic and Managing Director to Technical Directors and Production Managers) is only given a token of appreciation in the stipend amount of $15 per month. Annex staff members contribute thousands of volunteer hours per year to assist and facilitate the creation of our productions. People on staff are here because they simply love what they do.

Annex Theatre Staff

Artistic Director Pamala Mijatov pamala.mijatov(at)
Artist Advocate Jake Ynzunza jake.ynzunza(at)
Audience Development Katherine Bicknell Katherine.bicknell(at)
Bar Manager Mike Gilson mike.gilson(at)
Company Manager Andrew Shanks andrew.shanks(at)
Development Director Mary Hubert mary.hubert(at)
Director of House Management Rachel Hunter-Merrill rachel.hunter-merrill(at)
Front of House and Rentals Manager Kate Montgomery kate.montgomery(at)
Managing Director Stephen McCandless stephen.mccandless(at)
Marketing Director Evelyn DeHais evelyn.dehais(at)
Pep Squad Jen Moon jen.moon(at)
PR Coordinator Caitlin Gilman caitlin.gilman(at)
Production Manager Catherine Blake Smith catherine.smith(at)
Production Manager Kaeline Kine kaeline.kine(at)
Production Manager Katie McKellar katie.mckellar(at)
Production Manager Noelle Wilcox noelle.wilcox(at)
Production Manager Robin Obourn robin.obourn(at)
Prop and Costume Technical Director Samantha Armitage samantha.armitage(at)
Social Media Coordinator Pilar O’Connell pilar.oconnell(at)
Technical Director Chris Leher chris.leher(at)
Technical Director Emily Sershon emily.sershon(at)
Technical Director Ian Johnston ian.johnston(at)
Associate Technical Director Alex King alex.king(at)
Web Content Manager Scotto Moore scotto.moore(at)

Board of Directors

President Nicole Stellner
Vice-President Laura McCabe
Secretary Laurie Utterback
Treasurer Chris Comte
Director Blair Feehan
Director Mike Frost
Director Heather Wilson
Director Meaghan Darling
Artistic Director Pamala Mijatov
Managing Director Stephen McCandless
Company Historian Ed Hawkins