Research & Development Wing

Research & Development Wing runs May 2 through May 17, Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 7:30pm.
Industry night on Monday, May 15 at 7:30pm, featuring Young Playwrights.
$10 general/$5 TPS, senior, military, students.

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Annex Theatre has been one of the most explosive research & development laboratories of the Seattle theatre scene for 30 years. Curators Catherine Blake Smith and James Weidman take it one step further to discover what happens when process is product. Invited artists who embody Annex’s mission will create improbable, risky, and bold new work in Research & Development Wing.

For seven nights in May, Annex brings together experimental performers, young emerging playwrights, improv artists, and new directors to investigate and collaborate on a series of bold new work. Each night hosts a different experiment, including but not limited to:

  • Radical Rewrite: In week one, Michael Robinson writes a short play directed by Kathryn Stewart. Based on audience feedback, Robinson rewrites the play which Stewart directs in week three.
  • Script Tease (produced with permission from The National Theatre of the World): Playwright Seayoung Yim writes the first six pages of a brand-new play. Dave Clapper brings together six improv actors to take the stage, improvising a world-premiere full-length play.
  • Something Incredible (devised): Natalie Copeland (playwright) and Emily Harvey (director) will write and devise with a small ensemble around the hunch that the histories of science and spirituality/religion are intricately linked, and will be examining the influences of curiosity, wonder, and magic on the discoveries of great scientists and thinkers.
  • Young Playwright Staged Readings: Company members direct and act two short plays by young playwrights from ACT’s YPP Program, Lewis Greenstein (Seattle Academy) and Laura Malatos (Lakeside School).

“Research and development at Annex manifests in doing research about the people we want to produce in our season and developing through the art of collaboration and workshopping world-premiere plays. As producers, we assist with the day-to-day research of ‘how to create this thing you want to create.’ We develop in the moment, responding to the unique needs of each and every guest artist who walks through our doors.

“With Research & Development Wing, we will highlight the beauty of Annex in seven short days by creating opportunities for artists to experiment and play,” says Smith.


  • Natalie Copeland
  • Dave Clapper
  • Filament: A Collab Lab
  • Lewis Greenstein
  • Emily Harvey
  • Laura Malatos
  • Michael Robinson
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Seayoung Yim

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