Auditions for “Sideshow”

Produced by Annex Theatre
Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Jenna Bean Veatch

Annex Theatre announces auditions for their Spring off-night show, Sideshow! We are still in the process of creating and developing this show. All performers involved should be comfortable with movement, improvisation, and ensemble generation.

About the show:
Inspired by the tradition of the old-fashioned circus sideshow, this original dance-theater work features characters whose physical abnormalities bestow them with special powers. Rather than disabilities, they have super-abilities. The Bearded Lady is a contortionist who displays the remarkable magnetic powers of her mysterious beard. The Hunchback has super-human strength but dreams of being a beautiful tightrope walker. A girl with jaundice has the ability to imagine things that then come true. (Craggy trees grow love notes. Swimming pools become giant bowls of green Jello. Fish can fly. Sea sirens are real. . .) Supported by a chorus of sideshow performers singing haunting Appalachian ballads, “Sideshow” is whimsical with somber undertones and a tingling strangeness. Blending dance, theater, and elements of puppetry, it toes the line between being magical and haunting, simple and fantastical.

Casting Needs
Chorus (3 chorus members) – These performers will be singing unaccompanied Appalachian ballads and will be used in a variety of small roles throughout the show. We’ll be looking for people who can sing in this style and ideally also have circus-related skills (juggling! hula hooping!) or play a musical instrument. For the audition, please sing us a song and show us your special talent. Don’t know any unaccompanied Appalachian ballads? Sing “Amazing Grace.” Or even something from “O Brother Where Art Thou?”
Not familiar with this style of singing? Here are some examples:
-Hazel Dickens —
-Roscoe Holcomb —
-Ginny Hawker —
-Ralph Stanley —
-Alice Gerrard —

Ringmaster – This is someone whose commanding voice does not match their physical appearance. (For example, a very small person with a very large voice, or a woman with a very deep voice.) For the audition, you will be asked to read from the script, improvise, and show a special skill (circus-related, if ya got one).

Tree Person – We are looking for one more core cast member, to play The Tree Person — a person who has trees growing out of his or her hands, and who will fall in love with The Hunchback. This is a physical role and not a speaking part. If you are auditioning for this part, you will be asked to do some directed improvising at the audition. The other three core members (The Hunchback, who the story centers around, The Bearded Lady, and Daffodil, the jaundiced girl) have already been cast and have been working together on this project for more than a year.

Auditions – will be held Thursday February 23rd, from 6:30-10pm at Seattle Children’s Theatre’s West Rehearsal Hall. Please enter through the administrative office doors.
Chorus auditions – 6:30 – 7:45
Tree Person auditions – 7:45 – 9
Ringmaster auditions – 9-10
Callbacks will be held on Sunday February 26th at 10:30 am at Annex Theatre. Those who are cast will be asked to stay for the rehearsal from 12:30 to 3:00.

Chorus – 1-2 rehearsals per week, scheduled TBD based on performers’ availability.
Ringmaster – EITHER Tuesday daytimes OR one weekend day per week.
Tree Person – Tuesday daytimes and one weekend day per week.
Because the show is being developed through the rehearsal process, rehearsals will begin immediately. Show dates are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, May 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, and 16, with a preview on April 31.

To set up an audition time, please contact the production manager at and indicate which part(s) you would like to audition for.

Upcoming Events: Spin the Bottle & Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery – July Edition

Jesse Keeter, Kate Yaeger, and Jason Sharp at last month's Spin the Bottle. Photography by Ian Johnston

SPIN THE BOTTLE – Friday, July 1st at 11pm
July’s edition of Spin the Bottle features, in no particular order:

The follicular stupendousness of EMMETT MONTGOMERY!
The raw throatiness of LESLI WOOD!
A puppetastic adaptation of the Greek tragedy AGAMEMNON!
The abundant drollery of UBIQUITOUS THEY!
The rueful words of BECKY BRUHN!
Sheer inexplicability from GUDE/LAURANCE!
Dirty, dirty thoughts from DARTANION LONDON!
…and more, more, more!

All held together by the lean and chewy BRUCE HALL!

Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle — featuring theater, music, dance, spoken word, film, and whatever else we can find — has appeared on the first Friday of every month since Sept 12, 1997.

Curated from the beginning by Bret Fetzer.

Emmett Montgomery takes over Annex Theatre on the first Sunday of every month at 7:30pm. Check it out!

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery is a hideous monster with a heart of gold made up of fleshy bits of songs, jokes, sharing, talented people, prizes and nightmares sewn together with a thread of laughter and booze. Part awkward sharing party. part amazing variety show each show features talented people doing the things that they are really good at or something out of their comfort zone:

You will be shared with!
You will be sung at and told a story!
You will witness strange and wonderful things!
You will be told jokes by a comedian of note!
You will most likely win prizes!

All these will be hosted by Emmett Montgomery with special assistance from Barbara Holm.

Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30.
$10/$5 students, TPS members

Final strike

Max Reichlin and Ellie McKay high-five after the Senses strike

Well, When I Come To My Senses, I’m Alive! is finished. We had a great run, with good audiences, a tight-knit cast, and pretty much everything you could hope for in a mainstage production.

At Annex, we have a tradition of striking the show the same night as closing, with the closing night party following strike. It’s a tradition that occasionally engenders some grumbling, but it’s great for getting everyone to show up to strike, and it’s amazing how fast it goes with all those people around to help. The setup goes, before we start: people are assigned into teams who work on different tasks, and forbidden from starting the party (ie, eating any of the luscious spread, or partaking of any alcohol) until strike is done. And, of course, there’s a ceremony for the end of strike: the high-five.

The Technical Director and the show’s Production Manager do a final walk-through of the space, and make sure all the strike tasks are finished, then they gather everyone, proclaim strike done, and high-five. Wild applause, then we all stampede the lounge, where there is a huge spread of food and drinks to make sure the merry-making is well supported.

Last night’s strike was particularly poignant. Normally, there’s some poignancy, because we’re closing a show, and it seems like half the time, we’re really not ready for the show to be over. Added to this was the fact that this time, we’re sending off several of our beloved staff: Max Reichlin is stepping down as Technical Director, and Ellie McKay is stepping down as Production Manager. As if that weren’t enough, David Roby is stepping down as Assistant Technical Director, and Kristina Volkman has announced her intention to leave after the summer shows (Her Mother Was Imagination, for which she’s acting as Production Manager, and Penguins 3). It’s a pretty bittersweet thing for us: they’re all going on to new opportunities and adventures, but we’re sure going to miss seeing their faces at staff meetings.

Fortunately, our newly minted Annex staff alums are leaving in high spirits and thrilled with their time at Annex, and we’re looking forward to their participation as active and involved company members; in addition, of course, to the fact that Max and Ellie are two of the prime movers and shakers around Her Mother Was Imagination (which we lovingly abbreviate HMWI — pronounced “him-we”) this summer. Ellie is directing the show, and Max is helping produce, including setting up the human-power system which will power the show (no kidding, folks on bikes will be providing all the power used in the show, it’s gonna be cool!).

So please join us in saying goodbye to Max, Ellie, David and Kristina the staff members, and saying hello to Max, Ellie, David and Kristina the company members!